Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day May Day

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Karen Sealey, the wrangler of this edition of the Tarot Blog Hop, noticed that the word "may" gets used a lot in Tarot readings. She set us all loose playing with that word. I ended up with the word "may" becoming "maybe." And then two horrible poems, a horrific Tarot card, and a rather odd oracle card came into being. I just hope that it is all punny enough to make Karen happy. 

Schrodinger Tarocat

Schrodinger Tarocat

A box
A magical box
Full of life and death
Silly scientist
You don’t get to decide
Peek all you want
Flip those cards
Probabilities abound
My nature is indecision
Meow over matter

Half empty
Half full
Half on the floor
Half water
Half milk
Half bourbon
Half poison
Does not matter
Perception bounces
Gravity falls

The cards say everything
The cards say nothing
The cards come out of a box
Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle
Deal them out
Gaze upon your own box
Is it full of life?
Is it full of death?
Half empty, half full
Pick your own box

Ten of May Bees
Ten of May Bees

You may meet
A tall dark beekeeper
Or you may not
You may become rich
Buying or selling honey
Or maybe not
You maybe sting by a bee
Or maybe you will crush it
May, may not, may, may not,
Maybe, maybe, maybe
The deck is full of maybes
A hive of May Bees
A bouquet of Mayflowers
A sprinkle of May showers
A week of Maydays
And hopefully pints of May honey
Maybe, maybe, maybe
May Bees, Blessed May Bees

Thanks for reading. Have a good May Day (Mid-spring, Beltaine, or whatever it is in your neighborhood). 

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Ania said...

Love the "Maybees" :D

Alison said...

The 'Maybees' are great!

Priestess Tarot said...

On da internet, no one knows you're a cat! ;)

Loved the bee card and the buzzing maybe, maybe not... :)

Marseille said...

Loved it!

Karen said...

Karen is more than happy! You hit my pleasure button with a hat trick! Oooh... maybe I should rephrase that... :)

Joy Vernon said...

Schrodinger Tarocat is brilliant! Let's let everything stay alive a little longer by not peeking! (A horrible thing for a tarot reader to say!)

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Humor, artistry, insight and wordplay! Fabulous!

Jay said...

Schrodinger like quantum physics has been following my around but of all the placed to find it again I didn't expect it on your post, fantastic and I love the poems, so apt :-)

Jay Cassels :-)

Tarot By Arwen said...

It made me smile!

Inner Whispers said...

I'm a huge fan of Schrodinger's cat, and your drawing was perfection :D Here's hoping for more Maybees buzzing through our lives...