Thursday, September 1, 2022

2022 Firesdie Wicca Community Church event schedule Denver Colorado

 Fireside Wiccan Community Church (2727 N. Cook St., Denver, CO 80205)

2022 event schedule (Gate opens at 5pm, ritual/drumming at 6pm, close at 9 pm)

June 18: Burning unwanted mental weeds

Before you can plant new habits and goals, it’s helpful to clean up your mental garden space. Live fire!

July 2: Talk local pagan history with Khari and Morgan

What brought you into Wicca/magick? What events shaped the Denver community? Who helped you?

July 16: Initiated things not to do in an OFM (Open Full Moon ritual)

Morgan Drake Eckstein shares stories of mistakes that he made as a ceremonialist and minister.

August 13: Golden Dawn godforms as Wiccan metatools

Adept Morgana Draconis talks about the role that godforms play in ceremonial witchcraft and initiation.

August 20: An horrific Garden Fairy ritual

Khari shows off her garden while teaching an offering technique originally taught by Kathy Bruce.

September 17: Campfire stories—Voices of the Sabbats

Morgan performs his OFM masterpiece—a guided mediation (pathworking) of the Wheel of the Year.

October 29: Remembering the Honored Dead

Celebrate with us, memories of teachers and friends who influenced the Wiccan community of Denver.

Warning: This event is thrice first timers welcome, kid friendly, conducted by a medical marijuana user.

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