Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Resolutions

As I mentioned in my writing blog, I believe in New Year's resolutions. This year, I have just the one resolution (to increase my writing income). Or at least, that is the one I committed to at the moment.

I know that many occultists go for occult goals (attaining certain Grades, increasing lodge's membership, developing certain powers). I frown on goals that are exclusively occult related. I happen to live in a world where one needs to have one foot in both worlds (the occult and the ordinary). Because of that I tend to favor the ordinary type of resolutions (lose weight, make more friends, run a successful business), goals that fit into the so-called "real world" (exactly how real the "real world" is a whole different issue).

The reason for me to favor mundane goals ties into what I consider to be the purpose of Golden Dawn--infusing Light into the day to day world. We must not only gain a greater share of the Light (or rather awareness of the Light), but we must also learn to ground it in the world of Assiah. As a freelance writer, one of the Assiahic areas that I operate in is the running of a business (all good freelance writers are business people). If we can not bring our spirituality and magic to bear on pragmatic goals, then what is the point of us living in the material world?

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