Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not much going on

So far this year, I have not accomplished much. I have put up some articles (book reviews actually) up on Helium. I have done some scrying of some of the Enochian squares. I have continued my THAM coursework (Theroricus Adept Minor). Basic things, and barely worth noticing.

The two big projects that need to be done this year, the redesign of the lodge's website and the fleshing out of the correspondence course, have generally been going slow. If you look at the actuall progress made, you could say that progress has been nonexistent. I won't go that far, I know how I work--things get done in their own time.

For instance, at the moment I am brushing up on my HTML. Or more rightfully, learning the important bits for the very first time. That has placed the redesign of the website on the backburner. My freelance writing has not helped there either (I didn't expect something to occur that did--it may or may not result in some actual income for me).

And the whole membership drive needs to be revived sometime in the future. But I am not worried--yet--things look normal in my universe; and while things may be moving slow, it is to be remembered that a journey of a thousand miles occurs one step at a time.


Frater X.S.B. said...

Peace be with you. I am Probationer Ryan of Durango, CO. I would like to meet people here who are interested in Golden Dawn studies. Do you know anyone either here in Durango, CO or in San Antonio, TX who'd be interested in studying with others?

I have my own Temple space that I've called "Beth Halab Ou Devasch" or House of Milk and Honey. It's not a formal temple, but this is nevertheless how I call myself a probationer.

If you would, please write me back.

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

I know no one in either one of those areas. Sorry.

Something that I have noticed about GD is that we are pretty well scattered. I know someone who drives from Cheyenne Wyoming to attend the occasional lodge meeting in Denver. Sad, isn't it?