Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Adepts do not have to be nice

Last night, I was reading some messages from one of the many Golden Dawn yahoo forums that I belong to. And someone (an Adept) made a comment that another person promptly labeled as "not being nice."

I found myself wondering when exactly did people start expecting Adepts to be nice. Where are people getting this idea from?

None of the Adepts that I have ever encountered can be labelled nice. Especially if you are determined to be an idiot. They will come right out and tell you exactly what they think.

And that was exactly what was happening in this particular discussion. Someone was proving that they had the IQ score of a squash, and some Adept called them on it. It was not nice, but it was the truth.

I have even seen people say that if you are not nice and super-polite, then you are not a real Adept.

I cannot think of a single teaching off the top of my head that would require an Adept to be nice. So can anyone point out to me the source of this silly idea?

(And yes, I said that I find the idea that Adepts must be nice to be a silly idea. Heavens knows that my Inner Order sponsor was not nice when I was being stupid.)


Suecae Sounds said...

I don't think sugar coating is positive. Yet if someone is intent on being mean because of ego-issues: I think it is counter productive at best. Sometimes people with some kind of advantage in any area of life use their knowledge to spout their superiority in a way which does not help neophytes along their path towards light.

To balance my above argument I should also add that firm communication might be interpreted as not being nice. Which makes nice something else then the positive connotations I think it should hold.

Mike said...

"I cannot think of a single teaching off the top of my head that would require an Adept to be nice."
It's been said that the sign of a true adept is love,service and compassion. In many Orders a compassionate attitude,moral values and service are the prerequisites to being admitted into an Inner Order or group.That said I think order chiefs have a right to kick people out for what ever reasons they see fit and usually when shit goes down it's not nice...

Unknown said...

adepts are only human, but should try and develop compassion. An adept without compassion is not an adept.

you can have compassion and not be "nice"...

Nick Farrell said...

People say that about me too. I have seen con-men play up to the "I must be nice image" and people who should have known better fell for it. An adept is someone who is "most themselves" and in some cases that is not nice at all.

Nick Farrell