Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How big is Golden Dawn traffic spike edition

Blame Mitt Romney for the Sesame Street Ad.
Apologies to Tomas Stacewicz and his Facebook friends for using a post on his wall as inspiration for this post. But hey, ideas come where they may---you can't tell the muses not to show up in certain places without pissing them off all the time. My fellow artists will understand that one must accept the muse at all time and in all places if one wants to continue being creative.

What Tomas was talking about does not matter beyond the fact that I wish him luck on that front, and hopes that he wishes me luck towards never having to issue another bloody disclosure statement. Hey, we can dream, can't we? (By the way, Tomas, if you are reading this---I also want to focus on more important things.)

It is actually his friends' comments that the muses pointed to.

First, there was a comment from David Griffin about the traffic spike his blog got from his New Year's announcement. (Nice to see someone else in Golden Dawn also had a New Year campaign brewing in the background---I would hate to be the only one that was using New Year Day to kick off a new campaign.) David was saying that the day of the announcement was the highest "unique traffic" day for the blog. Now, I do not how much unique traffic he got, but at this point in time I bet he has a new marker for the size of the Golden Dawn market. What I do know is that he got a LOT of traffic that day. His stats for that blog took a real jump. I hope that it results in a nice turnout for his event. (Remember people, I am a writer---different concerns drive my actions. His event ultimately benefits one of my markets, therefore I wish him luck on that front.)

The other comment was made by Nineveh Shadrach, who noted that there are only about fifteen to twenty people bloggging and writing in the Golden Dawn community. And that got me thinking about under-represented the overall Golden Dawn community feels on the blogosphere and on the bookshelves. Of course, our percent of people with soapboxes may be the exact same percentage as other special interest groups---the reason that there seems to be more blogging and writing about baseball may simply be that there are more baseball fans. Without better numbers about how many people are actually interested in Golden Dawn, we can only guess. But I will admit that Nineveh is right---off the top of my head, I can think of about fifteen or twenty people who are actively blogging and writing about Golden Dawn. (Of course, part of the reason for the low numbers is simply that it takes a lot of knowledge and/or creativity to maintain ongoing writing projects in this field without having to resort to the old chestnuts. There are a lot of blogs started that fall silent.)

Oh, for those who are curious about the picture (aka the Sesame Street ad), it is from another blog, Loki's Wisdom. The other day, Mitt Romney said that Sesame Street is going to have ads under his watch...and jokes like the Necromatic Golden Dawn (which hopefully is unlike any real Order) sponsoring the Count and the Cookie Monster and shiny red apples and counting just naturally arose. As I said, you have to take the muses inspiration when and where it comes.


Imperator David Griffin said...

The the first day there were around 500 hits and began to slow after about another 36 hours after around 1,000 hits. Granted, I suspect that there was a certain amount of Pagan crossover, but it appears our regular GD reading community is larger than you previously estimated.

Peregrin said...

This is interesting; MOTO had spike in traffic around 1/1 and 2/1 also...

Yes, there are only a small noisy group of us in the blogosphere. I have spoken with friends who are newspaper editors and elected politicians - they both work on the same principle; for every letter or email sent there are about a hundred who were going to express the same views, but never got around to it.

I doubt we can use the 1:100 ratio in the GD community, but there would be some ratio of people out there agreeing with the sentiments of any blog post. How many agree just cos their fearless leader posted it though is another matter :)