Friday, February 3, 2012

News for the Denver Wiccan Feb 3 2012

Two pieces of news for the Denver Wiccan today, February 3rd 2012.

The first is that Lady Judith Brownlee passed away last night at ten pm. Judith was a well-known teacher of Wiccan classes here in Denver. Over the last few years, she has suffered from health issues (mostly age related). Our thoughts go out to her family, friends and students---Judith will be missed.

And it is interesting that she chose to step into the Summerlands on Imbolc---during a blizzard----her sense of humor was alive to the very end.

Speaking of the blizzard, many events here in Denver scheduled for tonight have been cancelled, including the Hearthstone Community Church's Open Full Moon ritual, due to safety reasons.

Try to stay warm tonight---it is goin to be a cold one.

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