Wednesday, February 22, 2012

QoW A Crowley in the Woodpile

Question of the week: If one's lineage goes through Aleister Crowley,* are you somehow less of an initiate because of it? If so, why? If not, why not?

*Or whoever your favorite villian is (Pat Zalewski, Nick Farrell, Robert Zink, David Griffin, Chic Cicero, Israel Regardie, or that bloke in Denver Colorado).


IM Research said...

That would depend on how much 'current' you feel AC drew from his linkage to the Order, as you can't outrank (or outmagick) uncle Al can you? ;->

Imperator David Griffin said...

Hi Morgan,

Your question is a mistaken one.

In reality, lineage is a question, first and foremost, of access to technology for spiritual development. It is not a question of being more of an Adept or less of an Initiate.

Thus, the real question is:

"What level of access to spiritual technology are you willing to settle for?"


Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Griffin: Well, considering that I ended up with Crowley in my woodpile BEFORE your Order actually made contact with Third Order, I still think that my original question is still valid.

Frater N: Have you seen the size of my ego?

IM Research said...

Fr. Griffin,

For those new to the Order, it is hard to know which Order has the best 'technology' as you term it.

For neophytes, they have to go by other measures until they develop more discrimination, unless of course, they just take someone's word for it and see where it takes them.

Fr. Morgan,

Given that lineage is an issue that is still discussed, I think it is a valid question.

If lineage does have objective value and the Initiate discounts it, they will draw very little if anything from it but will in time recognize its value.

If lineage does not have objective value an Initiate could still draw value from it. In such a case, the benefit to having [fill in the blank]in one's lineage could:
1. be a motivator
2. give a feeling of belonging
3. give a sense of carrying on a tradition given to one by those one respects
4. draw more current because the Initiate believes it does and thereby support their practice

These could be important props in the magical development of the Initiate until such point as they reach beyond to deeper sources of Current.

Do you carry a flashlight? That ego must cast quite a shadow ;->

Rufus Opus said...

Antacid. Not Antiacid.

Rufus Opus said...

Well, I left the comment on the wrong post.

But this is interesting, it shows cleary how people perceive initiation and lineage. If you are after documents, crowley in the wood pile is meaningless, I imagine. But if spiritual lineage means more to you than access to secret paperwork of dubious value, it's another story altogether.