Monday, February 17, 2014

Death of community by egotistic orgasm

Your typical esoteric student--both in and outside of the Orders.
You would think that with the internet, especially with the number of esoteric students on Facebook and Yahoo (and possibly in other corners of the web), that we would be living in a time of great communication with one another with a free exchange of ideas and lessons.

Oh, wait, I am forgetting something...the fact that your typical esoteric student believes that their wisdom and ideas are absolutely correct and that anyone who dares say otherwise are guilty of having ego issues.

For instance, point out that traditionally Golden Dawn has nothing to do with aliens and you are told that everyone's ideas are equally true. Well, unless you have spent twenty plus years training in one of the Orders--then you are completely other words, Adepts and members of the Inner Orders should be taking commands from Neophytes and people who are not even in the Orders in the first place.

It would not be so bad except that some leaders actually encourage this behavior by patting the most clueless people on the head, telling them that their ideas are absolutely correct, while insisting that more experienced students have to prove their ideas to seventeen decimal points. And if you protest, these same leaders show the newbies exactly how to deal with differences of opinion by banning the experienced members that disagree with them. And heaven forbid that you actually start making jokes about this--at that point, you get burned as a troll. And why do some leaders do this? Because there are more people who believe that aliens from outer space rule the world than there are hard working mystics and magicians--if you are only after large numbers of people giving you money, you encourage the egos of dumb students.

In the meantime, the experienced students are quiet (refusing to give up any information), leaving or being removed from the groups, leaving only the leaders and the students with the biggest egos around, free to say any dumb thing that crosses their mind. And as a result, one can see that the online esoteric community is rapidly approaching death by egotistic orgasm.

And yes, I realize that I have an ego problem for not seeing the vast wisdom and knowledge of those who have less than an hour of actual esoteric training and those leaders who give them cookies for being so brilliant.

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