Friday, December 19, 2014

That's a paddin! (Things not to say in Golden Dawn forums)

Go ahead---use those Bible quotes to prove that you are right.
Last night, I had an encounter with a troll on one of the Facebook Golden Dawn groups. In honor of this brave troll (he was proud to be Norse--which made him better than the members of the Golden Dawn), I present ten things to say if you want to get a paddlin' and booted from a group that I moderate (and yes, I do moderate a couple of Facebook groups).

1: I have never opened a book on Golden Dawn, but I know that Golden Dawn members are doing it wrong.

2: Golden Dawn Orders are the babysitters of the occult.

3: Aleister Crowley was (and will always be) the most important member of Golden Dawn.

4. Golden Dawn magic obviously does not work because none of the Golden Dawn members are lottery winners.

5. Golden Dawn, the magical Order, is the same as the Greek political party, Chrysi Augi.

6. Come join my vastly superior magical Order.

7. The magicians of Golden Dawn are nothing more than cry baby divas.

8. Master Magicians and Adepts are fighting with one another for the privilege to teach me.

9. Golden Dawn is the Satanist pawn of the SRIA Illuminati.

10. I know the answer to your question. It is in my expensive book that I have written---go buy it right now!  

And if this was not enough to inspire your trollish nature, and you want to go for the ultimate trolling status and that honorable banned trophy, watch this important instructional video by JP Sears. 

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Tabatha said...

Here's another: "I know everything there is to know about the Qabalah."