Thursday, July 30, 2015

Custom made Altar sets available for Wiccans and pagans (and maybe magicians)

Fans of my wife's pottery--rejoice! My wife has finally opened the door for you to order a custom made Altar set which includes a chalice, an offering bowl (plate), a cork jar (for herbs or aromatherapy), and an incense burner cauldron with a beaded copper handle and charm. By special ordering the complete set, you can have all the components match in color and style.

Colors available are white, black, cobalt blue, green, brown and purple.

(Please note that potters have a limited color palette, due to the chemistry and physics that underlie the kiln firing process. What you see in her Etsy shop is what she can do---colors outside of this limited palette are unavailable.)

You can special-order a custom made altar set over in her NEW Wiccan, pagan, magickal themed Etsy shop, Khari's Wiccan Treasures. 

Chalice and offering bowl--pansy purple. 
The reason for the new Etsy shop is so that she can cater more to those customers who practice Wicca, paganism, and/or magic without offending more mainstream customers. (Let's be honest--we all know that there are those people who assume that Wiccans, pagans, and magicians are Satanists and deserve to be stoned---and not in the good sense of stoned.)

And honestly, for years, I have been telling her that she has been leaving money on the table by not having a wider selection of "magickal" styled goods on Etsy.

But I also understoond her reluctance to the idea. After all, I keep some of my writing under a completely different pen-name, so not to upset some of the people who would frown on the fact that I used to write erotica.

Cauldron, offering plate (bowl), and corked herb jar--pansy purple. 
Her new Etsy shop is called Khari's Wiccan Treasures. 

I have also set up a Facebook fanpage for the new shop.

(And for those who are curious, her old Etsy shop is Celtic Soul Jewelery and Pottery.)

(Celtic Soul also has a Facebook fanpage.) 

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