Saturday, January 30, 2016

Salamander and Sons going out of business

Sad news: The occult publisher Salamander and Sons is closing shop.

According to the official closure announcement, this small occult press has "collapsed financially" and has ceased publishing. Until the end of March 2016, it will remain possible to purchase books from them (at a discounted price). And then...

...stock unsold after March 31 will be destoryed.

Please join me in the collective weeping over the death of this small occult press.

Salamander and Sons catalog...

...S&S catalog continued.

S&S closure announcement.

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Unknown said...

I would recommend not shedding any tears over this publishing venture gone bust. Salamander and sons have been blatantly ripping off a number of their authors and many of their customers for some years now. Being one of those authors myself, and knowing of others in exactly the same position, Salamander in a number of cases never paid their contract rate of royalties to a number of its authors ... in some cases amounting to thousands of dollars. I have received dozens of emails over the last four years from people saying they ordered and paid for copies of my books, and never received them.