Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Are you a lazy magician or just high all the time?

Every once in awhile, I have someone tell me that I seem to missed the point of having an occult blog. Typically, this happens after I write a blog post in reaction to something I have seen online (or worse, encountered in "real life"), an issue or topic I feel passionate about...but have absolutely no desire to research and write a PhD thesis about, or to put down the brownies long enough to search the astral planes to find the answer to.

Yes, that is right--some people actually expect me to do research and/or magic before I sit in front of the keyboard.

And people think that I smoke a lot of dope?!

Exactly how have these people missed the fact that I blog because I am an angry frustrated comedian? Just because I am writing about magic and witchcraft, it does not mean that I am going to do serious work before I post. In fact, given the number of people who want straight woo to be blown up their ass, I am actually better off just making up shit.

Unicorns--happy unicorns--flowers--happy flowers--trees--happy trees--Bob Ross.

See, I just increased my blog readership by two hundred percent. Absolutely no research or spell work needed at all.

I am also a little confused by the fact that they missed that I am a "professional liar." And you know that is true because a couple great Order and magical leaders said so. If I am going to be a liar, why would I need to research or actually do magic? And you know that those who call me a liar are right because a philosopher once said that all poets are professional liars who should not be trusted.

So tell me again why I should write journal level articles or perform serious magical research for what is essentially a blog to keep me from writing nasty urban fantasy novels and occult satire.

Yes, I have missed the point that occult blogs are supposed to be serious, full of hard magical work and deep research.

But at least, I still have a pleasant buzz going.

Time for a random nip test.

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