Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Violence is not the answer (lets not open up that Pandora box)

A periodical conversation that has been occurring since the election:

Other person: I think that someone is going to assassinate Trump, and that would solve the problem.

Me: No, no, no!

It may surprise some to hear that I don't want President Trump assassinated or shot. Nor do I want to see other politicians shot. The outcome of such tactics would be disastrous. Imagine the backlash from trying to solve this problem with violence--it would just open the door to rounding suspects up and possibly open the door to South African style politics.

I don't want to see anything that might lead to Trump's (or Pence's) political power being enhanced by the use of police forces. I don't want to see Trump supporters screaming that liberals are violent traitors and need to be arrested, locked up, and even shot dead in the head. And I definitely do not want Trump to have an excuse to start jailing his political enemies, nor do I want his supporters to have an excuse to start killing those people who oppose Trump's (and their) political agenda.

Let me be clear: Once you start down that path--the American experiment of free and open elections ceases to exist.

No, the proper cause of action is to let Trump actually do some of the stuff he wants to do. People voted for him for a reason. And they need to see that his set of solutions will not make them safer, will not get them better healthcare, and will not bring back their old jobs. Maybe then they will be willing to elect a government that can actually fix these problems.

Trump dying prematurely will just turn him into a Republican saint. And we already have one of those--Ronald Reagan--who is invoked every time that the Republicans decide that only the rich count in this country. We do not need a Republican saint that can be invoked every time a Christian decides that shooting a journalist, a liberal, or a minority is what should happen.

No, let this man do his job the way he thinks that it should be done.

And let's watch his own party slowly come to terms with the fact that it is political suicide to let him get his way. And the Democrats realize why they actually lost (because they refused to talk about the lack of jobs in certain parts of the country).

(Please note that I do not believe that his hardcore supporters will ever change their minds. My mom is one of these people. I have spent thirty-five years trying to convince her that I am not a Satanist, that writing is not a sin, and that minorities are not the spawn of the devil. I don't expect his most loyal supporters to be anymore capable of seeing the light than she is.)

Let's us hope and pray that Trump is slowed down enough to keep the worst of his ideas from becoming law, and that if he is guilty of some high crime that he is impeached--furthermore, let's hope that the Republicans (especially Mike Pence) have realized that their ideas are placing their party's future on thin ice.

Let the system work the way it is supposed to.

And yes, I am still evil, and think that magic can help this along. But I do know that there will be those screaming that witchcraft is even worse--and what else is new?

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