Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Only the finest perfume (Poetry Corner)

Toxic cloud of gas
Aisle seven chemical spill
We fall back, retreating
Eyes watering, lungs heaving
Someone call Homeland Security

Lilac, jasmine and roses
Weapons of mass destruction
Does the U.N. know
That you are buying it by the barrel full?

Did you get it at a discount?
Did it have a warning label?
Is this a laboratory test?
Have I become a lab monkey?

Oh wait, you think
That it makes you sexy
Maybe, it does--maybe it doesn't
I can't tell, for I cannot see
Though the chemical haze

That old floral napalm
Aisle seven chemical spill
Was it really necessary
To wear the entire bottle
During your shopping trip?

Nothing to see here--move along.

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