Saturday, March 21, 2009

The First Family's Garden

A friend of mine just sent me a link to a story about the First Family's Garden: The Obamas to eat what they grow. I am pleased to see that they are doing this.

Now, personally, I don't grow a lot of my own food. I would like to grow more of my own food, but I have a few issues with my yard.

The first issue is that I am living in between two people who do not water their yards. Though that may change on the one side, unfortunately not the side that my garden is located on, thanks to the fact that the bank just foreclosed on their house.

(I could have sworn that their house was completely paid for when they inherited it from their father; given how the trash was piling up in the yard, I will not be able to say that I am going to miss them. And it makes my monetary situation look good in comparasion, but I digress...)

The second issue is that the house came with two black walnut trees. I have yet to compile a list of everything that dies in their presence; roses are one such plant that black walnuts kill off *sigh*.

The third issue is that me and my wife don't have the same vision for the yard. There have been a couple of occasions that I have worked an area and planted seeds, then she comes along and plants something else---so much for the work I just did.

So I have ended up growing mainly herbs, or weeds as any neighbor who like grass will refer to them. So far, it has not been an issue. But if I ever get neighbors who actually water their yards it might be.

My mugwort is coming back in, along with both types of catnip (catmint). The motherwort needs to be worked at; it was getting out of control last summer.

I am not sure what else I am going to try to start this year...but I have a dozen seed catalogs waiting for me. Maybe this year, I will attempt tomatoes again.

Anyway, if you can not tell, I am looking forward to spring and summer.

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Lavanah said...

I saw the pictures of Michelle Obama helping to make the garden. Wonderful idea-amazing how the concept of children not eating vegetables grew up with the canned/frozen/processed food movement.

And, if I might offer you a bit of practical advice-grow your tomatoes in pots-then it won't matter what your neighbors garden habits are, and you can move the tomato plants to follow the sun. (as for you and your wife gardening at cross purposes-I think I had 3 years of my husband digging up the peas I had recently planted. He was trying to "clear" the garden for me. We have since come to an accommadation)