Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just in case, this is not let though

(This reply may not get though because I openly admitted that I do not trust L.E.S.'s Olive Branch, so I am posting it here too.)

So we should just abandon the whole field of magic until science can prove, or detect, that our results are caused by our rituals.

Not only that, we need to give up the use of electricity, machines, and families; I believe that they all work, but I don't understand enourgh about any of them to be able to prove causaility either.

Back to the caves with all of us. Civilization is unprovable.


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[about the Golden Dawn using godforms in a way that is not actual history, and people claiming it is ok because it works]

We should get rid of this "but if it works then it works" anti-analytic approach. A jungle tribe may have produced their annual rainfall ovedr 100's or 1,00's of years by their ancient marshmallow-toasting rite or whatever. It works for them, but to claim any causality between the annual monsoon and marshmallow-toasting practices or beliefs is absurd.>

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