Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Olive branches

I am one of those people that you might refer to as slightly paraniod, especially when it comes to politics and business. This tendency extends to the world of occult Orders, covens and groups. I do not believe that those in power are telling the truth. This is specially true of their public statements.

I have seen too much; I have been stabbed too many times to take any public statement at face value. It is easy to say one thing in public, and have intentions completely different from the statement; it is even easier to say one thing and do something completely different, especially outside of public view. I treat public statements as public relation blurbs and advertising that are worth only the pixels they are printed with.

And given the history of the Golden Dawn community, I am leery of any olive branch that is held out. For the matter, I am leery of the statement that we must never have another witch war. I would love to see the occult community get along with one another.

But on the day it happens, Ha-Satan will skating to work and Hel, his Northern counterpart (sort-of), will inherit a tropical paradise.

I doubt that I am alone in being paraniod. While I have yet to consult with my fellow Bast Temple members about the latest development in the Golden Dawn saga, I am sure that a vote of caution will result.

In Hathoor Temple, there was a class about recognizing political statements. One of the questions that you were taught to ask when encountering a political statement was "What does the speaker hope to accomplish with this statement?"

And I think that question is really important to ask whenever an olive branch is held out. After all, peace is just a time in between wars to rearm...I did say that I was slightly paraniod, didn't I?

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