Friday, May 29, 2009

Clarification: Book of the Tomb entry

I want to clarify something I said in an earlier entry; the entry in question is about the Book of the Tomb and its recent publication.

I wasn't just blaming just one side or one person for what happened.

I was blaming everybody.

There are no heroes in this story; but then again, I am not sure that there are any villians either.

There are just people in this story.

And what is to be blamed is actually human nature: SOB.


(And all this time, you thought it meant something else.)

At the start of this situation, as a scholar and an initiate, and as someone who came from a really bad family and has been in some really bad groups, I could predict what was going to happen.

And why could I do this?

Because what was about to happen was based on SOB; the actors were all human (or at least they all started out that way); standard operating behavior was going to determine what was going to happen.

Sad, but true.

You can not blame one person, one side, one Order for what happened. The fault lies in the entire bloody Golden Dawn community, and perhaps even the entire world.


Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

For anyone actually curious, what brought this entry about was the following statement by G.H. Frater L.E.S. of the HOGD/AO:

2. Morgan even tried on his blog to blame our order for [Farrell] publishing [the Book of the Tomb].

And my response probably will not be published:

You misread the spirit of my [original] entry; that was not me trying to justify Nick's actions, or blame Frater SR; it was me telling people why such a thing could happen in today's GD community.

Imperator David Griffin said...

Actually, your response was published. However, since certain individuals (I am not pointing a finger at you) were attempting the divert an important discussion away and into the same old Golden Dawn Flame War nonsense that has plagued the Golden Dawn community for decades, I nipped the nonsense in the bud and have deleted the entire threads from both blog and forum, refocusing the discussion back on the underlying philosophical issues surrounding the value of Hermetic secrecy, why it is part of the Golden Dawn, and whether or not it still has any relevance. I would greatly appreciate your participating in the philosophical discussion. I know that you have a unique point of view and have a valuable contribution to make to the debate.
"He said/she said" blog entries, however, only create chatter that distracts from the central issues. These issues are fundamental not only to the Golden Dawn, but to all initiatic traditions, and thus are far too important important to be drowned our by blaming, defending, or justifying blog noise.

I invite to share your position on Hermetic secrecy instead.