Monday, May 18, 2009

Moina Mathers---did she influence GD?

One thing that I have always wondered about Golden Dawn, or perhaps it is more RR et AC, is how much influence did Moina Mathers have on it?

If you go by the apparent consensus, Moina Mathers had no effect on Golden Dawn and the RR et AC. But this completely ignores the fact that we have color scales, and the piece de resistance, the Vault of the Adepts, in the Inner Order; both of which involves a high use of color.

In order for this work to be done properly, I have discovered the hard way that one needs some basic art theory.

I am not sure that Samuel (MacGregor) Mathers or Wynn Westcott had the necessary background to do the work themselves. Nor have I seen any evidence that either one had enough information to even properly supervise the task to begin with.

I have also dealt with enough artists to know that clients have only minor control over artists. Even accounting for the fact that Moina was married to Samuel, I am not sure that their opinion of what looked right would have overridden the artistic eye of Moina herself.

Therefore for me, the thought of giving Samuel and Wynn credit for the Vault and color scales just feels wrong.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg of the possible influence that she might have had on the system.

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