Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tall order of the day

As many of you know, David Griffin (GH Frater LES of the HOGD/AO) has recently been talking about creating peaceful relations between the feuding Golden Dawn Orders. In response, someone (Aima Elohim) voluteered to be a go-between for two of the groups. Griffin responded in return:

It is just that Golden Dawn harmony is very important, and with all of the history involved, I think it would be extremely useful to have someone respected by all parties managing diplomacy.

To which I have to say: Good luck finding such a person.

If the flame war had only affected two of the Big Name Orders, perhaps it would be possible. Maybe. Even then, it would probably require someone outside of both Orders in question.

But this ongoing flame war has affected EVERYONE in the Golden Dawn community, whether they know it or not. And in order for harmony and peace to reign, everyone has to agree to it and play nice; this includes everyone both in and out of the Big Name Orders.

This person would have to be someone respected by everyone in the Golden Dawn community, including the blogosphere (there are a few loose cannons there), not just someone respected by two of the Big Name Orders. They would have to be thick-skinned, bull-headed (just because they are coping with big egos), and extremely clever. And these are just the minor requirements involved.

There is a big requirement involved that I am not going to touch with a ten-foot pole; here is a hint: League of Nations, United Nations. See the problem? And I only see one one is going to accept that solution.

Gee, we might have to do this the slow old-fashioned way, because there is no way that it can be done quickly.

Remember to play nice, we are all in the same tradition.


Soror FSO said...

I am conducting a "peace signing" on my blog, please feel free to sign it, and have anyone else in you know in the GD do so as well. I'd like to show the community that these "Big Name Orders" do not represent the whole of the GD community.

Peace Profound

Magus Obsidianus said...

I always found this humorous. Magicians fighting magicians over what they do.
Then again, I'm just a bastard. lol