Saturday, June 6, 2009

Scary thought of the day

Given the fact that one can develop one’s energetic bodies though the use of imagery and ritual on one’s own, and that any set of symbols can be used for this work, one is confronted with a harsh reality: for the esoteric Orders to have any value, either there must be a tremendous advantage to being a member of an Order or a terrible disadvantage of being the sole compass of your spiritual development. Otherwise, the esoteric Orders are nothing more than a shiny object designed to fleece the gullible.


Frater Yechidah said...

Yes, one can "go it alone", but it's much harder. The benefits of a group are both magical and mundane, including the offer of fraternity, guidance, support, and spiritual counselling. It's so easy to not bother doing the Work when no one else is looking, as it were, and thus the structure and support framework of a group aids greatly in this regard. Not to mention the efficacy of initiations and rituals in the hands of those adept at such.

I think there will always be those who work better solo, and always be those who work better in an Order (like me). Finding what works for the individual is the key to the matter.


Imperator David Griffin said...

Depending on the group, one may also have access to spiritual technology for accelerated energetic evolution not available elsewhere. This is, for example the case in the HOGD/AO today as well in regard to Hermetic Inner Alchemy. This one important traditional reason for seeking initiation rather than working independently - not only "Why reinvent the wheel?" but rather access as well to a space shuttle!

David Griffin