Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yahoo 360 closing down

I recieved a notice in my email about Yahoo 360 being closed on July 13th. And honestly, it made me laugh.

For a brief period, I was actually doing an official (as in me speaking as a GD officer) blog on 360. It was not a success. The problem with it is that it would take me longer to write an entry there than it would take me to write a couple thousand word article.

I believe that the reason that it would take so long is simply the word "official". The question that I was always asking was "Do I want people to hear this coming out of my mouth?" Well, moreso than normal.

So I quit doing it. I was having more fun doing this blog and my writing blog. And when Yahoo announced that they were closing 360 in December 2008, I just posted an announcement that I was blogging here in an unofficial manner.

Now they are finally closed and erasing the stuff from 360. I say good for them, but I have so moved on.

[The entries from the official blog have been archived; I might chose to republish some of them here later; it is not like you are really missing anything.]

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Lavanah said...

I had the same reaction: big shrug. 360 was notorious was losing posts, re-edits, comments. I think most people who started out blogging there, because they had yahoo email addies have already moved on. 360? It won't be missed.