Monday, June 8, 2009

What we did at the OFM

For those of you who are curious, here is a brief summary about what my fellow lodge members, friends, and myself did at the Open Full Moon ritual on Friday night.

After setting up, some friendly conversation (I have not seen a couple of my friends in ages) and community announcements, it was Bast Temple and friends' turn to be in the spotlight.

I started off with stating who I am and what Bast Temple is. Then I talked some about why the Egyptian lore in Golden Dawn is outdated and why it does not matter (mythology v function).

Then I did the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram. After this, the circle (hall) was purfied and consecrated by water and fire. The calling of the quarters were done after this.

For the calling of the quarters, we had five variations of Bast. I had made a paper doll for each aspect, along with varying the call itself.

An example of one of the quarter calls:

Hail Bast and the guardians of the watchtower of the East, protectors and lords of Air. Strengthen the element of Air in us and guide us in its ways. Tonight help us build a connection to the hidden intelligence of the Ancient Egyptian deities and the godforms that they inspired. Lead us to a greater understanding of the hidden genius that underlies the rituals. So mote it be!

As each quarter was called, I spiraled around the altar, carrying the respective Bast doll to its quarter. For the center (the "fifth quarter"), I merely lifted the doll and said the call before setting it down again. (ZAMs will recognize the pattern here.)

After this, I started the second part of the lecture. I talked about how Golden Dawn chose one function out of the range of aspects for a god (goddess) as their baseline and primary function for the godforms. I touched upon the fact that godforms were used in Golden Dawn as a power source for ritual and magic. I also pointed out that the Ancient Egyptians used the imagery of gods to empower spells (for instance, the use of the form of Osiris for the shabti).

Then came the fun part. I had the daughter of one of the lodge's members hand out to each person present a paper doll in the form of one of the godforms used by Golden Dawn. "No trading. No complaining. Trust the child [to give you the god/goddess that you need to work with]."

She did a real good job; the right god ended up with the right person.

Then people drew on and colored the paper dolls, including symbols for what type of working they needed.

(I am thinking about making a low cost Lulu pdf of the godform dolls; I think other people will find them useful.)

Then we dismissed the quarters.

Thank you Bast and the guardians of the watchtower of the East, protectors and lords of Air, for your presence here tonight. May there always be a bond of peace, harmony and instruction between us. Hail and farewell!

And had animal crackers and apple juice ("cakes and ale").

"Merry meet. Merry part. Merry meet again!"

So that is what happened at the June Bast Temple led Open Full Moon ritual.

Now, I just have to come up with an idea for next June's OFM.


Frater Yechidah said...

Sounds great! Some very nice ideas :)


Lavanah said...

Sounds imaginative, powerful and fun. But then, I'm sure that the only one who had doubts to that, ahead of time, was you.