Saturday, July 25, 2009

Aleister Crowley’s Geomantic Mnemonic Rhyme

Caput Draconis: Strong and fierce
Of whorls---which Acquisitio beginning keeps spinning.
Puer’s a boy, with all a boy’s endeavour;
Puella’s rather good but not too clever.
Fortuna Minor means a lucky touch;
Fortuna Major more, maybe too much.
Via means change, apart from Querent’s action.
Populus, settling down, with satisfaction.
Rubeus always gives a nasty jar,
And Carcer tends to keep you where you are.
Conjunctio brings about completion; Albus
Is whiter than the walls once built by Balbus.
Tristitia lags, with heavy antic motion:
Laetitia is like the laughing ocean.
Amissio: love come, and goods diminish.
Cauda Draconis means---a sticky finish.

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