Friday, July 10, 2009

Followup to Golden Dawn (Tiphareth) Incense

This is a followup to my posting on a recipe for a Golden Dawn (Tiphareth) Incense that I discovered in a book.

Could the recipe be a simple editorial mistake? Based on further research, I would have to say: No.

Yesterday, before going to the library to work on another research project with my wife, I did some digging though my herbal library. I was looking up the sources that I had copies of that were listed in the back of the book that I found the recipe in (the author was using out-of-print works which is one of the reasons that the book is useful).

Turns out one of the sources used was Magickal Formulary by Herman Slater. He was the owner of Magickal Childe (originally called the Warlock Shop), a New York occult shop, and the recipes in the Magickal Formulary are based on the products he made for his own store.

In a companion volume to the Magickal Formulary, Magickal Formulary Spellbook (Book II), he says: Tiphareth (Golden Dawn)---Used to cast hexes, this incense is named after the sixth sephiroth on the Hebrew Tree of Life. The blend of oils used in this admixture is used only to invoke evil spirits, however, and draws its potency from the dark side of the Tree. [It is listed as being available as an oil, incense and a powder.]

For me, the very fact that it is Herman Slater saying this makes me shout Fouled Blind!

For those, who do not know anything about Slater, let me point out that he is considered by some to be the best candidate for "Simon", the writer of the Necronomicon (Avon edition). Slater was well capable of writing a blind, just for fun and as a test.

This incense recipe is just getting more and more interesting.

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