Monday, May 24, 2010

It is the amazing Altar cam

It is the amazing Altar, it is just a camera on the end of a taser.

Tonight, the local news was doing a report about how you can install a mini-camera on the end of a taser gun. There are some who are pushing to get all police departments to start using these taser cams. The purpose of them is to help figure out what went wrong when someone gets tasered by the cops (especially in the case of the prep being injuried).

Ok, maybe this would be a good idea. But an even better idea would be the Altar cam. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to replay your rituals and see exactly what you did wrong? "Gee, exactly when did I say that a visit from XYZ would be more pleasant than a plague of frogs?"

Now, someone will point out that this is the purpose of the ritual journal. Well, that may be true. But given some of my results, I would like a more detailed record. Besides a Altar cam would allow me to figure out what type of rituals the cats are doing when I am not home. And that is what really important, isn't it?

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Frater YShY said...

I think you need a cat-cam.