Friday, May 21, 2010

Tonight is the May 2010 OFM

Well, tonight is the May 2010 Open Full Moon ritual sponsored by Hearthstone Community Church. Which means that I really need to get cracking on my script for the June 2010 OFM.

I got some work to do before the next OFM rolls around. Besides the monthly newsletter column, I have to finish up several diagrams (though it will look like a single diagram is being used), rewrite my quarter calls, and actually jot down notes (and perhaps practice) the lecture section of my ritual (actually it is Bast Temple's ritual---but as most would say "What's the difference?").

Tonight, I am not going to do my usual announcement; instead I am going to be reminding people about the upcoming "Rolling Thunder" healing ritual request that Phaedra Bonewits made for Isaac's health.

For anyone reading this in Denver, and curious about the OFMs, there is a page on the Bast Temple website that goes into more detail about the Open Full Moon rituals. There is also a page with the dates for the rest of the year.

And if you just want the time and address of tonight's ritual, here it is:

First Unitarian Church at 14th and Lafayette, Denver Colorado (parking is tight in the neighborhood, so come early to find a spot). Doors open at 7 pm. Ritual starts at 7:30 pm. Suggested donation: five dollars (optional---give what you can afford).

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