Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ask me a question---is asking an Ouija board about my future wrong?

Question: Is asking an Ouija Board about my future wrong?

Answer: Having done a clean-up operation after someone who used an Ouija board improperly, I would advise you to consider other options to learn about your future. The problem with an Ouija board in the hands of a non-initiate is that it basically opens up a channel with any spirit that is passing though while you are using it. Because of this, you have no idea what type of entity you are dealing with. And the more debased spirits will tell you exactly what they think you want to hear, and there will be no truth at all in their answers. My advice is just leave the Ouija board alone.

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fionnulaharp said...

There is also the additional problem that faces even the initiate when reading for oneself: how to tell if it's a true reading or the result of a deeply held desire? This creeps into any self-divination, but Ouija boards seem to be particularly susceptible to this phenomenon -- perhaps because they are usually used for this kind of thing.