Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why all magicians are slightly paranoid

One of the things a person will notice is that magicians are all slightly paranoid. Sooner or later, we all undergo a bout of paranoia, believing that someone else is out to get us. It is one thing for an outsider to believe that they are being hexed; it is something completely different for a magician to believe it.

It is not something that you would expect logically from magicians. After all, we know how much work it is to actually target someone. We also know how pointless it is. There is a figure that is tossed around that 99% of psychic attacks are caused by people just thinking bad thoughts at you. Only one percent of hexes are actual "warmed up the cauldron, made thistle poppet, and poisoned their well" style cursing. And probably 99% of the actual curses are done by first year students---the more advanced students are too busy dealing with other stuff (like spiritual development).

So why are magicians so paranoid? Simply because by taking an active part in the creation of the universe (or at least how it looks right now), we know how fragile the universe is. That and if a magician thinks that the universe or someone is out to get them, the law of attraction (what you think about most is what you are going to get) is going to nail anyone that hasn't started to learn the real lesson of Daath. If you think that someone is cursing you, the magical mirror that is the universe is going to oblige you with signs and indications that you are indeed cursed.

The curse that most paranoid magicians recieve is the curse of thinking that they are important enough to curse in the first place. Everything else is a side-effect. And the guilty party is most likely the face that greets you in the mirror every morning.


Robert said...

I disagree. While I have only been seriously attacked by one person (twice) that one person has been known to have gone after other people. This is sort of like a one man crime wave. There may only be one guy but if he attacks two people a year...

Also, the slightest experience with hoodoo will reveal lots of people throwing curses.

People willing to do this are out there in larger numbers than DMK would have us believe.

aprilenchanted said...

The Curse of the Paranoid Magician. I propose this as the title of you new book...written in Hitchcock style fiction, of course.

Peregrin said...

Good post, Morgan. Ta.

In honour of his memory, and very apropos here, Robert Anton Wilson quoting the recently deceased, Issac Bonewits:

"Paranoid magicians live longer!"

PhoenixAngel said...

Thank you for this explanation of egocentricity and paranoia. Since I'm still learning, I had to look up Daath.
I have always understood about egocentricity and paranoia. Having lived with a meth-addict, I had to understand it.
Unfortunately, the knowledge of unimportance causes me to struggle with the issue of what happened to compassion, what happened to our humanity?
I digress. I enjoyed the post.

J little tangentust a

S. J. Reisner || Audrey Brice || S. Connolly said...

I actually have been cursed before (receiving an envelope of ashes with a note in my mail box was the first clue), but I laughed it off because I knew the source. And I've been guilty of tossing a few curses in my younger years. Nowadays if I feel like something negative is bearing down on me, I simply turn it back on its source. That seems to keep everything clear and alleviates any paranoia I might have.