Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sid the cussing rabbit and the oral tradition

As some of you know, I watch Craig Ferguson. One of the bits that show up occasionally is Sid the cussing rabbit. Tonight he showed up wearing glasses. At first, Sid claimed they were for reading, then we learned that it was a disguise (to fool the censor).

Then Sid the cussing rabit made a "oral tradition" joke.

"Rabbits can't read. We are into the oral tradition. We sit around telling each other stories, and then we do the oral tradition. That's why there are so many rabbits."

(Ok, that was a bad paraphrase...but I think that you get the idea.)

Later, after the rabbit left, during the reading of the tweets and emails, the question came up about whether eating moldy halloween candy would make you conclusive answer. But I agree with Craig, at least one of the audience had to be wondering that...heck, I imagine at least one of my readers will wonder about it.

After that, Betty White came out and said that she lost her money the same way most Americans do---calling telephone psychics. But fear not, Cleo said that her luck was going to change.

Ok, none of this has anything to do with magic---it just amused me. It is not everyday that you encounter an "oral tradition" joke, wonder if melted, moldy candy will send you into vision land, and hear Betty White make jokes about telephone psychics. Or at least, you do not hear it on TV that often. Maybe in the ritual room of your local lodge, but seldom on TV.

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Unknown said...

Surely if you just follow an oral tradition there would be no bunny rabbits at all