Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Burial ritual for a centipede

This morning started out with me wondering what the proper burial rites were for a centipede. My wife chanced upon a "giant" centipede that had gotten into the tub this morning, and hosed it down with bug spray.

(The definition of "big," "giant," and "monstrous" applies to all centipedes and millipedes. They basically creep out my wife, myself, and everyone else I know. If you are not creeped out by them, please leave your shipping address in the comment section...and we will get back to you.)

Then my wife shut the bathroom door, so the cats would not eat the dead poisoned centipede as a snack; and left me a note about it. Yes, she stuck me with figuring out what to do with the corpse.

(Actually this was polite. If I would have been awoke, I would had to kill the many-legged horror. I have to give her points for letting me sleep.)

So that is how I ended up musing about what the proper burial rites were for a centipede. I picked it up with a piece of toliet paper and flushed it down the toliet. I also wondered if there is a bug heaven out there...but that is probably just too silly.

(For those who have been following my changing college class lineup: Today, I ended up buying another one hundred and fifty dollars worth of textbooks. And I am still short three books. I would blame it on the ghost of the centipede, but the truth is that I happen to like taking college history history classes that require a person to read a dozen books.)

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