Saturday, January 1, 2011

Current project Splendor Solis coloring page

The project that I am currently working on is a set of coloring pages based on the alchemical text Splendor Solis. The picture is a rough draft of one of the pages. I am not sure how many changes are going to occur between now and when I get the project finished. Nor am I sure of the form that the final stage is going to take; I am thinking an ebook (pdf), and possibly a pod (print on demand) book. The idea for this project came from the work that I am currently doing (studying the Splendor Solis) and the Tarot work I have done in the past (I found coloring the Keys to be very useful).

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Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn said...

Care et VH Frater Morgan,

I have no doubt you will find a meditative approach to alchemical imagery a deeply rewarding experience. I would, however, respectfully suggest a different approach. In the seventeenth and eighteenth century, Hermetic iconography enriched itself with symbolical images stemming from a neo-pagan renaissance and a synthesis suggested by books and collections of emblems.

A good place to begin to unlock the secrets of alchemical imagery would be, therefore, with the 1531 work by Andrea Alciato, entitled "Emblemata" (Liber Emblematum), which showed for the first time certain juxtapositions of images and words. On the one side a figure, an image ( called a 'body') would be depicted that has an allegorical significance, on the other side words that express a motto or proverb (called a 'soul'). These are sometimes accompanied by brief phrases in verse or prose that shed light on the juxtaposition. These were generally used for decorative engravings and are best known for this. One's intelligence should lead one to overcome this apparent dichotomy by retracing back to the symbolically unifying intention.

This emblematic language Hermetic alchemists call "the language of the birds." Although you will find very little written about this emblematic language, it has nonetheless been employed for Centuries to communicate secrets of alchemical processes among initiates - while veiling their true meaning from others that have not been able to learn the secret, emblematic language. The Splendor Solis is an excellent example of the use of the "language of the birds."

David Griffin