Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why is my universe currently focused on The Secret

My universe lately have been fulled with blips that have "The Secret" written all over them. And this despite the fact that I consider The Secret (both the movie and the book) to be more or less just a long commerical for life coaching. For instance, today's Pagan Blog Prompt's weekly blog prompt is (drumroll please) The Secret.

Hence me writing about the Law of Attraction today. My apologies.

I will admit that I have used the Law of Attraction as a magical model or guideline. Every once in awhile, you run into someone who has worked a spell and you can see their real focus is on their debt, or lack of a love life, or their illness, or whatever. And you can just see where all their energy is going. When I notice this, provided that the person is a reasonably open-minded person, I will point it out to them.

I do not mention the Law of Attraction or The Secret. Mainly because most of my friends would mock me for doing so. Especially the monkey loving lodge member.

So why is my universe currently throwing The Secret at me? If the universe is in one long conversation with me, then what is the universe trying to tell me?

I think that the message is that I need to continue to focus on my long term goals, and that I should not let the current bad state of circumstances derail my plans (monetary problems if you are curious---same as everyone in the current economy). So the universe tossing mentions of the Law of Attraction at me is merely the universe trying to give me a hug and a reminder that in the end everything will work out fine as long as I stick to working on my long range goals (getting my college degree and finishing large hunks of writing).

In other words, Work equals Prayer, and the Goddess will Provide to those who Work. It is not how most people would read the conversation, but it is how I choose to.

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