Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tomas Stacewicz is not a landmine

One thing that I want to make clear is that Tomas Stacewicz was not the person that set me off yesterday. It may have seemed that way given the timing of posts and such not, but Tomas was innocent.

What happened was that I recieved a private message from someone, who decided to chew me out about my last blog post and claimed that I was bad-mouthing the HOGD/A&O and their Third Order with my way of reading the Fama.

And I exploded.

Let's be honest, people trying to force me to shut up is one of my personal landmines. Blame it on my childhood, my sunny disposition, the fact that I broke my fair share of lances in the Denver Witch Wars of the eighties, or whatever you like. Griffin blamed it on me getting out on the wrong side of bed---which is as good of explanation as any about why an over-zealous defender of the HOGD/A&O set me off yesterday.

But Tomas was not responsible for the explosion.

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Imperator David Griffin said...

Care Frater Morgan,

Please accept my personal apology for the zeal of our mysterious Frater/Soror who set you off. Please understand that there are a lot of people in the HOGD/AO and that our order does not in any way discourage our members to be active on the blogosphere.

As a consequence, misunderstandings like these are bound to arise now and then. If you are honest about it, however, I am certain you can understand some of our members being so quick to come to our order's defence, considering what we have had to put with on the internet and in the courtroom over the last two decasdes.

May we all redouble our efforts to ensure that flame war remains but a sad memory of how things once were in our community, may we celebrate that things have gotten much better, may we respect the differences between us, and may we continue to foster the growth and development of our precious Golden Dawn tradition through healthy discussion and debate conducted in a spirit of true fraternity.

- David Griffin