Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jumping on the New Age and LoA Bandwagon

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Let it be known that Morgan Drake Eckstein, the slimest type of writer (one that would like to occasionally get paid for his writing), has jumped onto the New Age and Law of Attraction Bandwagon. All should avoid reading his ebooks. His expulsion from the ranks of honest occultists and decent Golden Dawn leaders will happen on the next slow Golden Dawn news day.

Message ends.

Or so it will go as soon as some critic decides to get upset with me because I said something that they did not like. Let's be honest, I have several strikes against me.

First, I am one of those writers who occasionally would like to make enourgh from my writing to pay for my cats' food bill. This desire to be paid has only increased this semester, thanks due to a major foul-up in the student loan system.

(In fact, if you would like me to quit writing short occult ebooks for the rest of the semester, please help the rest of my loan money get to my bank account. Heavens knows I would rather be focused on finishing up my senior year, so that I can move on to the masters program. If I am busy in school, I will not have time to annoy you.)

(And if you are one of my friends, help me get the rest of my loan money into my bank account. That way I do not have to go begging to feed my cats.)

Second, I am one of those occultists who did not burst into flames when I read The Secret. In fact, I can see how it would relate to magical work...through I will admit that I do not completely agree with how most people view the Law of Attraction.

Third, I am one of those people who tends to treat the various forms of magic as variations on a scheme. For me, Golden Dawn, Wicca, and the New Age are kissing cousins.

Fourth, and worst of all, I honestly think I know what I am talking about. And let's be honest being an opinionated loud-mouth is the greatest crime of them all.

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Deanna Bonds said...

You need to provide a link to your book, for those who want to help you with your evil schemes ;P

Robert said...

yeah, I just posted on my blog this weekend that every time I take a stand on any issue I lose readers. I am both amused and saddened by this fact. However, I can post about what an asshole I am, how I have hit a rough patch an amateur could have seen coming and the readership keeps growing.

Keep writing. Sooner or later you might say something I agree with. (GRIN)

Jim Blake said...

I suspect you'll even get some grief for using papyrus font.

Scott Stenwick said...

The Secret is actually pretty much how intuitive magick works, which is often the only sort of magick you can do in a lot of situations where you can't just drop everything and whip off a bunch of ritual forms without drawing a lot of negative attention.

As long as you accept that the Law of Attraction is probabilistic rather than deterministic the New Age explanation is a fairly accurate description. Fixing thoughts is a neat technique, and while I find I can get bigger probability shifts with ceremonial forms, there are a lot of circumstances under which it can work remarkably well.

As far as blogging and readership goes, I tend to get the most views when I'm totally ripping on somebody or something. Which is also kind of too bad, because it would be nice if my magick theory posts got even half that much attention.