Saturday, November 19, 2011

I was not talking about the Third Order

I am annoyed---very annoyed.

It has came to my attention that my previous blog post (Get paid to do the Great Work) has been read as a criticism of Griffin and company's Third Order. It was not talking about them. I did not mean for it to be read in that manner.

I was merely trying to come to a conclusion about whether or not, anything that we can call the Great Work, can be done as a form of paid employment.

And I thought it was important to include the fact that the Fama stated (or at least, the English version that I am familiar with) that physical immortality was not allowed to the members of the RC. Hence anyone who is promising to provide you with physical immortality shouldn't get paid to do that type of work if they are a member of the Fraternity; this has no bearing on spiritual immortality.

(I am sorry that I am restricted to English, bad English, bad French and bad Hebrew--and that I forget that you can not be a real Rosicrucian while being a poorly educated American. I did mention that I was restricted to an English translation.)

This fact about the fact that original Brotherhood not being able to cheat physical death really has no bearing on my personal beliefs about an afterlife, or whether or not a person can gain conscious, controllable existence after the death of their physical body. Nor does it represent a criticism of the HOGD/A&O and their Third Order.

I am sorry that I forgot that any reading of the RC documents has to be ran by Griffin's Third Order because they are the only ones with the correct reading. And yes, I am getting annoyed with the fact that one cannot write about the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucians and come to a conclusion different from the HOGD/A&O official party line without being accused of criticising Griffin's group. In this case, I did not realize that my conclusion would go against their official version. (They really need to issue a complete manual on what one is allowed to say and not say.) And I especially annoyed because I did not think that my conclusion about employment had any bearing on what the HOGD/A&O is promising about spiritual immortality.

I was talking about the types of gainful employment open to a member of the RC Brotherhood. That is what I was concerned with, that is what I cared about, and that what I wanted the discussion to be about. Not every discussion has to end up reaffirming that Griffin's Third Order is the only correct method to gain spiritual immortality. Some of us, such as myself, are concerned with other Rosicrucian matters, such as one's proper place in the physical world, which includes the issue of employment.

Maybe I should have defaulted to using Crowley or the New Age materials instead. Oh wait, that material is only used by villians. Is it wrong to once again ask Griffin's Third Order to openly declare me an outlaw, so that I can focus on the work that concerns me?

Did I mention that I am annoyed? Very annoyed?


Deanna Bonds said...

I ask myself why I care what they say. They still aggravate me with their snide attacks on anything that doesn't show them as the final authority on everything spiritual. But I don't respect them. Griffin in particular never speaks of any teachings, only to promote his order. He doesn't sound any more enlightened than an average used car salesman. They search the internet looking for things they can be offended by, then feign offense and set off to put the supposed attacker in their place. (I have heard of some big name cult religions doing similar things).
I just don't care what they think anymore. Watch them for the comedy. How can anyone take them seriously?

Imperator David Griffin said...

Care Frater Morgan,

Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

I have no knowledge of anyone from our order criticizing your recent post as in any way referring to the HOGD/AO.

This is certainly not that way that I read that post. In fact I, for one, agreed with most of what you said.

What I do not appreciate, however, is the HOGD/AO being used as a strawman for the present rant.

How about everyone just taking a deep breath, chill, and let's all get on with the Great Work.

I have no doubt you have plenty of better things to do with your time.

I certainly do.

Bright blessings to you, your family, and to all our Brothers and Sisters at Bast Temple and BIORC!

- David Griffin

Unknown said...

I certainly didn't read it as such. I read it as an interesting tangent to the importance and relevance of the Great Work and how to achieve it in our modern world.

But then I am not in possession of the 'true secrets (tm)' that others are.


Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Certain types of private messages set me off.

Imperator David Griffin said...

@ Soror AID

Here's wishing Happy Holidays to you and yours as well, Sister!

- David

Sincerus Renatus... said...

Where did I even mention in our discussion on FB that you were chriticizing the HOGD/A+O? What happened is that you made me aware that this particular sentence in the English translation of the Fama may be interpreted in the way that you did. I was talking about Alchemy in a more wide perspective than you are implying here.

People as Sor. A.I.D. is only presented your biased perspective of our discussion.

My opinion in this matter may be read here, and it has nothing to do with whatever you believe or not. It has to do with a sentence translated from German into English and leave English readers into believing things that were not there in the beginning.

And you are angry because of me telling you? Give me a break!


Sincerus Renatus... said...

Oops! I fogot to inser the link to my blog (where you can read my opinions in this matter for yourselves):


aprilenchanted said...


Your article was a well thought out analysis of the doctrine set forth by your religion's prelates in relation to a modern context. I love it!

The fact that you seem to have the blogger police scouring your writings for 'chriticism' (hilarious) against their Order just shows how much they are NOT engaged in the actual Great Work. They're too busy protecting their lies and their inflated egos to do so. Whatever.

Keep up the great work and the Great Work! Your writing is thoughtful and provocative. And you are Ace!