Sunday, July 8, 2012

Smashwords Summer Winter Sale

Smashwords is doing their annual sitewide Summer/Winter sale (summer for us in the northern hemisphere/winter for those in those in the southern hemisphere) until July 31, 2012.

This time around, three of my ebooks are discounted fifty percent off (coupon code--SSW50).

Five Reasons Why Magic Fails--$2.50 (normally $4.99).

Shakespheare's Monkey (poety and various short stories)--$1.50 (normally $2.99).

Golden Dawn Rituals Volume One--Neophyte Ritual: Three Officer Version--$3.00 (normally $5.99).

Be sure to use the coupon code (SSW50).

1 comment:

Peregrin said...

Yay - just got the Three Officer version of the 0=0. Looking forward to it :) THANKS, Morgan.