Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mortar and Pestles available on Etsy.

Mortars and Pestles by Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery.
There are two new mortar and pestles available for sale on the Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery Etsy page. One is a Robin Egg Blue; the other is a Mottled Blue. Both are priced at nineteen (USA) dollars apiece (8.50 US shipping; 11.50 shipping to Canada). Durable and food safe.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know about Christianity, but in Judaism, it's okay to pray for money. Here's a quote from "Crossing the Narrow Bridge: A Practical Guide to Rebbe Nachman's Teachings": "If you want to increase your income, honestly, then spend time in prayer, recite the Psalms and talk to God in hitbodedut. Tell Him that you need more money. Explain your reasons. Plead. Your continuous prayer has the power to alter any decree of poverty and change your fortune for the better" (p. 263). This particular sect, Breslov, is very spirituality-focused but does not in any way neglect the material, physical side of life. They even have all sorts of magical cures for physical ills, such as reciting certain Psalms a certain number of times for particular physical ills or for "crass" stuff like find a spouse, etc. At the same time, they believe we are obliged to give 10% of our after-tax income to charity--not to the synagogue, that's separate--but to charity, preferably to a charity that is local. So they believe in doing spiritual work, taking care of money needs, and helping others in a direct, material way. Even though I am not an observant Jew anymore, I try to carry out these things in my own life. I think sometimes people decide, for reasons that I don't understand, that on their path of spiritual development, charity and care for the material world are beneath them, that they are "busy" doing more important things like tending their spiritual soul garden. To me, it is selfish to focus on the state of one's spiritual elevation at the cost of neglecting the material world. We cannot talk about how elevated our spirits are when there are people without homes or sufficient food.

But these seem to be very unpopular ideas.