Friday, December 7, 2012

No death threats for me

Assassin Cat readies his lasers and claws--just in case, I decide not to feed him.
[The following post is written much along the lines of someone who has escaped food poisoning when all his friends are busy trying to have their stomachs crawl out of them. It is not that the writer wants food poisoning, bad luck, or death threats; it is merely the curiosity that a writer gets when he notices that there is a plague in the area, and it has somehow skipped his cannot help be curious about why one is so lucky. In other words, don't send me a death threat...unless you absolutely must.]

Yesterday was the second time this year, I noticed a Golden Dawn leader talking about recieving threats. And over the years, I have heard of other threats. Most seem to be along the line of the Ancient Siberian Curse ("If I tell you that I cursing you, maybe you will catch a round of bad luck"). And some of the results seem to be along the lines of "I am so important; people must be trying to kill me."

The regularity of impeding curses and threats makes me wonder if I am the only person in Golden Dawn who has never got a death threat. Ok, I mean a death threat originating from inside the estoteric community--domestic violence, living in a rough neighborhood, and running a cash register does not count for the purposes of this post.

Still one wonders how I have been so lucky. Oh sure, my little blog here has gotten some people so mad that they wanted to fry it out of if that would do more than slow me down (I have other soapboxes to use to air my loony opinions).

My current conclusion is the simple fact that I am not a leader in the esoteric community, merely a lunatic with a soapbox. It is not like anyone takes me seriously. Or expects me to ever threaten their organizations. After all, you very seldom see a court jester try to become a king.

Therefore, those people in the Golden Dawn community who are recieving threats of curses, impeding doom and death, must be the real deal...because one would never threaten someone who was faking it, would you? Recieving a death threat, or warning of being cursed, or bound by magic, is a badge of honor in the esoteric community--sort of like being named the village goat.

Anyway, if this post somehow upsets you, please remember that the thing I find most frightening and dangerous is a fruit cake. And assassin cat would really hate to recieve some expensive cat food. Oh, and my wife is horrified when she sees money, especially in the form of jewelry orders.


S.V. said...


Your humor, as always, is as intersting as it is humorous.

Unknown said...

Yes, there is a bit of humor in all this. I am concerned about the kinds of people we are turning out in the GD community if what we are getting is people making death threats.

I discovered that David Griffin has also had threats made on him as well. Anyone with half a brain knows that David and I are not exactly in the same camp, but I cannot condone threats of harm, physically or magically on anyone. It does not jive with the Pathway of Light.

I have been accused of doing evil magic and death rituals and all the rest. Al Crowley was accused of same as many other have been. I have never felt the need to attack someone physically or mentally or magically.

However if you listen to those who found a motivation in schism or have been attacking me on the net for the last 15 years, I should be tarred and feathered.

G.H. Frater P.D.R. ( Robert Zink )
Imperator General of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn
Chief Adept of the Second Order