Friday, December 21, 2012

Splitting the timeline (Tarot Blog Hop)

A Tarot spread for when you have multiple possible courses of action.
Welcome to the Yule 2012 Tarot Blog Hop. If you are reading this, then the world did not end yesterday...and it is time to consider what you are going to do with the coming year.

If you are doing the Tarot Blog Hop, then odds are you just came from Fool Stop--the official blog of U.S. Games (oh yeah, the kind people who supply us Tarot readers with almost half of our Tarot decks...or maybe that is just me). If you are one of my regular readers, then you probably arriving here from St. Andrew's Academy and Library for Misplaced Spells, where initated secrets go to hide.

Now, if you are anything like me, the start of a new year makes you look at certain things in your life, things that need to be dealt with. For me, this coming year is all about the writing and certain other creative endeavors. But I do have a certain problem--there are so many projects to deal with, or that I could be doing, that I am not sure what project needs to become my priority.

In an ideal world, I would have access to a time machine and I would hop into the future to peek at which one I did. And being a Virgo, I would also want to look at several alternate timelines. I don't want to just blindly pick an option, or settle for just one. No, I want to know what all the options were and their respective outcomes. Did I mention that I am a Virgo? A Virgo that just happens to be a science fiction fan?

Anyways, I do not have access to a time machine...this makes me sad.

But I do have access to a magical tool that does allow me to peek into the future, and to weigh multiple courses of action. Yes, that is right--I am about to abuse a Tarot deck in a weird time splitting experiment.

I call this spread--The Time Split, for it allows one to see possible outcomes for multiple options and choices of behavior. It involves at least eight cards for two possible options, with additions of three cards apiece for each additional option beyond the initial two.

The first card of the spread is the current situation (this card can be either randomly choosen or pre-selected). The second card (random draw) provides more information about the current situation.

It is the third card that we start to deal with the various options that are open to us; the "option" cards (3rd, 6th, and so forth) can be either randomly choosen or pre-selected--the choice will depend on how clear you are about possible options available. (A clear-cut list is better dealt with using pre-selected cards; if one has no clue what options are available, randomly drawn cards are the way to go.) The third card (as well as the 6th, and so forth) represent one possible course of action.

The fourth and fifth card (as well as 7th and 8th, and so forth) are randomly drawn.

The fourth card represents additional information about the option in question. In the case of a randomly drawn Option card, it might help verify the option. In the case of pre-selected Option card, it might call attention to complications that Option would require in order to be implimented.

The fifth card represents the most likely outcome if the Option is taken. Always bear in mind that this outcome depends upon the implimentation of the Option under consideration. Also remember that the very act of looking at a possible future changes the future.

Cards three, four and five represent one Option. Cards six, seven and eight would represent a second Option. One can add additional rows of three cards to cover additional Options. (My experience says to limit the number of Options to five--anything beyond that tends to be overkill and quite confusing to keep straight. Ideally, it should be two or three Options considered in a reading.)

So there you have it, the Time Split, the Tarot spread that I am currently using to try to figure out the best option for my business to be focused on in the upcoming year. And yes, it probably will involve monkeys (regular readers will understand why).

If you are continuing with the Tarot Blog Hop, your next stop is the blog of Joanna Ash--Sun Goddess Tarot. And if there are any breaks (broken links) in the Tarot Blog Hop, the Master List can be found at This Game of Thrones. My regular readers will go back to annoying the librarian to let them into the forbidden section where all the really good secrets are hidden. Happy Yule, Merry Xmas, and Happy New Year (and whatever other holidays I am forgetting) to everyone!


Carla said...

This is a good spread, I use something very similar myself. Another way to lay yours out would be to make a Y shape, with cards 1-2 as the stem and the two paths going out left and right. :)

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...
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Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

The Y layout is fine...provided that you do not have people who insist on using three or more options. I started to use this layout pattern because they refused to restrict themselves to just two options. (It is sad when I am the one insisting that there can be too many options considered.)

Tarot By Arwen said...

A very useful spread that puts the choices in the hands of the querent. Thanks!

Alison Cross said...

This looks like it will be a really good, deep spread to work with. I've made a note of the card positions and values and will be giving it a go soon.

Thanks Morgan!

Have a lovely Christmas when it comes!

Ali x

Unknown said...

Great spread! Thanks, and happy holidays to you!

Anonymous said...

Definitely Virgo territory here. My Piscean sun-sign brain did get overwhelmed, but I can certainly see potential folks who'd be all over this one, and beyong the usual Y formation, too. Valuable tool.

Time machine would be cool, also. Love all the stuff you're up to and write about.

Zanna Starr said...

With Virgo rising, I naturally love this spread! (Unfortunately, I also caught a misspelling: It's IMPLEMENT, not IMPLIMENT.) You're welcome. :)

Claire-Marie said...

Excellent spread. And so practical.

Inner Whispers said...

As a Gemini, I'm just waiting for the monkeys ;) Lovely spread, Morgan, and good luck with your choices.