Friday, January 4, 2013

Decided to do Ultimate Blog Challenge

So in the interests of a new year, I decided yesterday to do the Ultimate Blog Challenge. In other words, I committed myself to writing 31 blog posts on this blog during the month of January. Of course, this means that I am already three posts what else is new in my universe?

I am hoping that it breaks up the massive block that I have allowed to perma-jel over my writing. I know when the block started--there were two incidents last year that helped trigger it, and then my schedule made it into a nice block of cement.

Why this blog and not one of my other blogs? Because this has been the blog I have written the most in. And that even ignoring the 31 Days of Halloween Kitties and other cute cats I post on a regular basis.

And I really need to hack my way through the writer's block--after all, I find myself in the place where I have only my writing income coming in. It is either hack throught he writer's block, or cease to exist. And while I know some people who would love to see that last one happen, I just do not feel like making those people happy any time in the near future.

So here is to the insanity of 31 posts in January. Hopefully, they make some type of sense at the end of the month. :P


Mary C. Weaver, CSCS said...

The nice thing about deadlines---even self-imposed ones like this blogging challenge---is that they make you realize you *can* write even when you don't feel like it . . . or don't think you have anything to say. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Hi Morgan! I'm sending you good vibes for the blog challenge/ celebration! I'm glad you are here to share your thoughts through writing. Happy New Year!

Stella Scott said...

Hello Morgan!

As the daughter of a writer I would say: Write yourself out of it! Do some uninspired, boring, ugly writing and in time it will dissolve. This is a good time and a good way to do just that. I also suggest EFT. Personally I use it for everything, because it works!

All the best for you're challenge, your UBC colleague, ;-)

S.V. said...

Morgan is your published work under a pen name? I want to go look at your novel(s) and I cannot find them under Morgan Eckstein.

Unknown said...

Best of luck with the UBC Morgan! You'll love the results, no matter how many posts you get done!

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

SV--I am going to have to blog about why I write under a penname that you do not know.

S.V. said...

Well, okay, then :)