Friday, January 18, 2013

Reminder of 2013 Hearthstone Open Full Moon dates

Here are the dates for Community Church's Open Full Moon rituals. Hearthstone Community Church is a non-profit organization that helps provide support and space for Wiccans who want to do public full moon rituals. Hearthstone is still looking for voluteers to lead most of next year's rituals--March and June are already reserved. (Yes, June 21st OFM will be done by Bast Temple--BIORC; it will probably be an example of a solo GD ritual.)

2013 Open Full Moons

January 25
February 22
March 22
April 19
May 24
June 21
July 19
August 16
September 13
October 18
November 15
December 13

Hearthstone OFMs are held at the First Unitarian Church, 1400 Lafayette, Denver, Colorado. Doors open at 7 pm, and ritual starts at 7:30 pm. The rituals are held upstairs, and the Church is handicapped accessible (there is an elevator that goes up to the second floor).

This coming year, I will continue writing a monthly column for the newsletter (fourth year in a row).

(My newsletter articles from 2010 are collected in Pizza Boxes on the Floor; the 2011 articles are collected in the ebook Bad Monkey. The 2012 article collection is awaiting the creation of a cover--unfortunately, the photo I want is a two person it might not be released any time soon [it is just the cover that needs to be done].)

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