Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Enourgh fibre in diet?

My cat would like to know if I am getting enourgh fibre in my diet. I think that I am getting enourgh fibre. But if I am not getting enourgh fibre, I refuse to take his suggestion that cardboard boxes are delicious source of fibre. Yes, I am one of those picky humans who believe that fibre should not taste like cardboard.

A week later, this is what the box looked like.
If I am ever attacked by cardboard, I will let my cat deal with the monster.

Remind me not to look like food.


Peregrin said...

I once attended a lecture with an iconoclast health economist, Gavin Mooney, sadly recently murdered. He quoted a study suggesting daily eating of bran from age 25 could give folk who do develop colorectal cancer an additional 7 months of life.

He also worked out the additional time it took to eat the stuff brought that down to 3 months! :)

bookworm said...

In lieu of cardboard, your cat could eat Wheetabix cereal. I can't believe they describe themselves as "tasty". That stuff would make cardboard seem like a gourmet meal. I have never owned a cat - I need to ask my cat loving friends about why a cat would eat a cardboard box. Fascinating!