Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Winter drought in Colorado

What the neighbor's plum tree looks like before  the blizzard.
This is the third snow day post that I have done since the beginning of the calendar year. And why is snow in Denver, Colorado such big news?! Because Denver is already in a drought.

Yes, that is right. Denver Colorado is already suffering drought conditions. And Denver Water wants everyone to cut their water use by twenty percent. So much for trying to increase the size of my garden to try to cut down on the grocery bill.

I am thinking that I might create a three by three feet raised bed, and restrict my vegetable gardening to that. I find it annoying that the first garden season that I actually have time to work on the garden that I will not be able to because of drought conditions. Ahh, the joys of living in Colorado.

Of course, this particular snow storm came at a time, just designed to annoy me. The flowers were coming up. The mugwort was getting green. And the neighbor's plum tree was blooming (yes, I pick all the plums from the branches that overhang in my yard)...I guess no plums for me this fall.

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Erica O said...

Hi! I hopped over from the G+ Colorado group because... well, because I'm a stalker, pretty much. However, I wanted to tell you to not despair! There are plenty of water options for your garden this year, drought or no. In fact, here's a handy little tip sheet!
I'm down the road a ways, like closer to Colo Spngs, and we're always on water restriction. I will be using the gray water from my sinks; I always try to let it sit for a day or two in case there are harmful soapy substances that will hurt the plants but I am probably being overly cautious.
Good luck!