Monday, April 22, 2013

Stonehenge is looking for a manager

Need a job? Good at management and bossing people around? Know a lot about the esoteric practices and beliefs of the druids?

There is a job waiting for you with English Heritage. English Heritage is looking for a general manager to oversee the Stonehenge site.

Tim Reeve, English Heritage's Historic Properties Director, states in the online announcement, "We are looking for a dynamic and inspirational person to welcome the million plus visitors to Stonehenge each year including the tens of thousands who celebrate the sun-rise there every Summer Solstice." Plus they are about to open the new visitor center, so there will be even more visitors in future years.

Now, personally I don't know enough about Stonehenge to apply for the job. After all, I believe that Stonehenge is part of a large trap to catch a particular pesky time traveler. I am quite sure that is not the type of knowledge that they want their general manager to gravitate towards.

But still, maybe one of my readers would be a perfect fit for the job. And if so, please remember that I told you about the job opening first...because it might help me get some decent photographs of Stonehenge that I can use in a book someday.

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