Monday, May 6, 2013

More magical jars available on Etsy.

Think of the magic you can do with these jars. 
Another item that I was taking photos of were a new butch of small cork jars that my wife hand-throws on the potter's wheel. Personally, I use these types of jars to store incense and for spirit bottles. I know that one of the local pagans uses them for magical oils.

Now, I like this photo--my wife doesn't. It was an experiment. One of the difficulties that I have taking photos of her pottery is that the glaze is so shiny, and occasionally the camera I am using has a difficult time recording the true color of the glaze. So in this photo, I was experimenting to see if a white background would help. My wife disapproves of the picture because I used wrinkled paper. *sigh*

These corked herb jars are available on her Etsy--Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery page for $18 (American) apiece.

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