Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Yard Wards

Fierce Kitty thinks that the garden is just divine.
I have been working out in the yard and garden lately. Pulling weeds, redoing the brick walkway, transplanting flowers and herbs--the typical springtime stuff that one does when one has a yard that is not completely grass. I am not happy that Denver is already on drought (watering) restrictions; but then again, most of the plants that I really care about are border-line weeds (most herbs act as if they are weeds).

Another thing that I am doing is resetting my yard wards. It has been several years since I have done so; and last year, there was a couple of incidents that made me wish that they had been renewed sooner rather than later (I was finishing my second Bachelors, so I did not get them renewed in a timely fashion...with results that probably made someone who was upset with me happy). The problems (resulting from a small spite...I sided with a pagan woman in a fight rather than the Christian ceremonial using male...of course, I was wrong to do so in their mind) were minor, but still annoying.

Wards, for those who don't already know, are kind of like a magical electronic fence. Sort of like shields, but not quite. It is hard to explain the difference...if there is really a difference. The ones I use are based on Pennsylvania Dutch magic. I won't tell you what I buried beneath the brick walkway, but I did bury something there.

So yes, this year I am renewing my yard wards in a timely fashion, along with all the weeding, planting and mowing I have to do. Good times in the spring time. And if nothing else, it makes the cat happy that I am spending time outside with him.

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O. Jackson said...

Thanks for siding with the Pagan woman. :)