Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Only actual customers can effectively boycott a product

Yes, we are talking about this book again.
One of the things that has cropped up since Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls by the Golden Dawn Community has been published are people declaring that they refuse to buy a copy of this book because 1) they believe that the writers of the commentaries are not actually members of the real Golden Dawn community (aka HOGD/AO) and 2) because all the authors' royalties are going to the Golden Dawn Legal Defense Fund.

My personal response to this is still the same as the response that I had last year when I was asked if I wanted to write a commentary to one of the original Flying Rolls--I seriously doubt that anyone who will get upset by this book are potential customers of mine in the first place.

In other words, screaming boycott at me does not work if I believe that you would never buy one of my products even if I did give into your demands.

Plus, there is the little fact that I don't make a dime off of this book. Ever. Unless I include my commentary in a collection alongside other writing that I have done. Which I am quite sure that none of the boycotters would ever buy in the first place.

So where is the effect on my wallet?! I don't see one.

And if you actually think that you can scare off my potential customers, well good for you. Most of my potential customers don't even know who the HOGD/AO is. (Oh, I write occult stuff because I want to--my bread and butter writing is something completely different.)

As for the accusations that the HOGD/AO was locked out, I am surprised because I thought Christopher Bradford (Frater AIT) was a member of the HOGD/AO community. I guess once you leave the HOGD/AO, you are considered an outlaw because otherwise he would count as a HOGD/AO community member. It is too bad that he is no longer considered a member of the Golden Dawn community by HOGD/AO standards because he was the only member of the HOGD/AO that I actually liked.

By the way, having one of your high level members tell me last year that it was ok for my reputation to be destroyed because I wasn't a member of the HOGD/AO is not a way to endear me to your cause. Watching you set out to destroy the reputations of every GD writer outside the HOGD/AO also makes me loathe your cause.

As for the Legal Defense Fund, that is only a problem if you plan on going back to court. Are you planning on resuming the trademark lawsuit?! As I said in my quick video review of the book, you don't have to buy the book.

And if you are really upset by the fact that this book was written by a false GD community, put together your own project and publish it. Oh, wait you can't do that because you insist that everything important must remain secret and under the care of your entrusted gate keeper. Well, I guess you will just have to settle for the rest of us pretending to be a part of the GD community then.

So in closing, good luck with your protest comrades!

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Unknown said...

Books are dangerous. It is dangerous if people read a truth if you have been feeding them a lie. It is dangerous for people to find new information when you have told them that you are the only one providing new information. It is much better that you encourage your members to burn books than it is to run the risk that they might be informed by them.

“A book is a loaded gun in the house next door...Who knows who might be the target of the well-read man?”
― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451