Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Me and the Secret Chiefs

The Secret Chiefs have awesome super-powers. Honest, Mathers said so.
I would be amiss in my duties as a wise-cracking Golden Dawn commenter if I did not at least write something about the Secret Chiefs before the August 5th deadline for them to meet Nick Farrell. So here goes.

Most of my readers know that I joke about cats being the Secret Chiefs. Yet in my honest opinion, cats are as reasonable as Secret Chiefs as every other claim I have ever heard for them (Secret Chiefs, that it). I mean cats want your attention only when it is convenient for them, and they tend to be rather close lipped about what they actually know, and they insist that your house belongs to them without them doing a lick of work, and they spend a lot of time on the astral...sounds like a Secret Chief to me.

I came to the conclusion that I would rather have cats as my Secret Chiefs after many, many encounters with people claiming to be the Secret Chiefs, or claiming to be the gate-keeper for the Secret Chiefs, or claiming to channel the Secret Chiefs. Yes, I have dealt with people who claimed astral and physical Secret Chief contacts--sometimes in the exact same breath--if not, outright claiming to be Secret Chiefs themselves. I have been given information from the Secret Chiefs, and I have read lessons and new regulations that they have given their chosen mouthpieces. And honestly, my cats make more sense as they run around the house at four in the morning chasing a moth.

On top of this, I have dollop of talent as a medium. I had whole conversations with people that I do not remember; I have written papers that I do not remember writing; I have told people what was about to happen in the tone of someone terribly amused about how tiny human beings are. Hell, on that basis alone, I could be the mouthpiece and gatekeeper for the Secret Chiefs. A modified Drawing Down ritual and a loud set of drums, and I would be good to go.

(Yes, I am a Wiccan who knows how to do a Drawing Down...or is that a witch, or is that a Satanist...I am a little behind in reading the latest conspiracy theories about my so-called Masters.)

And in all this time, I have not seen anything that makes me think that the Secret Chiefs are the crowning development and guiding force behind the esoteric Orders (and its occult traditions) and history itself. In fact, the information given seem only as good as the person that is doing the talking for them. The concept of the Secret Chief seems to be more of a working tool for controlling groups and bull-shitting information than a hard reality that can be tested and measured without having to resort to blind faith and obedience.

This is why I will never believe in the validity of Secret Chief claims or demands. It would take some super-duper esoteric secrets to even get me to entertain the notion that a claim was true. The proof would have to top everything that I have ever seen and heard, plus would have to withstand a heavy background check to ensure that the information did not came out of a forgotten book or manuscript in some backwater library.

So despite the fact that some people insist that I am missing the boat by not believing in the real Secret Chiefs behind the esoteric tradition, I will stick to listening to my cats. If nothing else, I like them better than anyone I have even met that claimed access to the Secret Chiefs and their teachings.

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Joseph Max said...

The answer to this riddle is contained in the name itself.

"Secret Chief" with a capital 'S'.

What is the greatest possible capital-S Secret?

The Secret that no one knows. The Secret that is not there. Zero equals zero.